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Fotona SP Dynamis

Fotona SP Dynamis

NEYA Clinic Offers You The Best Up-to-date Fotona SP Dynamis Treatments!

Fotona SP Dynamis is designed to perform all major aesthetic treatments. It is highly versatile, multi-purpose systems combining Nd:YAG wavelength and Er:YAG wavelength.

Fotona SP Dynamis

Fotona Nd:YAG laser perfectly penetrate deeply into skin to create thermal effects without damaging the skin surface. Its homogenous absorption in skin and low absorption in melanin allow it to be safely used with all skin tyoes

Fotona Nd:YAG laser perfectly penetrate deeply into skin to create thermal effects without damaging the skin surface. Its homogenous absorption in skin and low absorption in melanin allow it to be safely used with all skin tyoes

High performance Er:YAG inherently ablates the skin surface more precisely than other laser technologies. Er:YAG energy is highly absorbed in water – the main target chromophoresfor skin resurfacing and can thus vaporize skin with micron-level precision and very little thermal conduction. This keeps undesired effects such as hypopigmentation and persistent erythema, as well as recovery time to a minimum

Fotona SP Dynamis

Key treatments that can be done with Fotona SP Dynamis

Tight Sculpting

Tight Sculpting is a non-invasive laser treatment for skin tightening on all body areas. It causes adipocytes destruction and collagen remodelling. Procedure is fast, safe and effective

Fotona 6D

Fotona 6D restore a more youthful and natural looking appearance. Helps to reduce lines and wrinkles

Fotona Intimalase

Fotona Intimalase helps with vaginal tightening and vaginal rejuvenation

Fotona Acne

Fotona Acne target overactive sebaceus glands and reduce risk of developing new acne inflammation.

Fotona Er:YAG

Fotona Er:YAG absorbed the top micro-layers of the skin to vaporize scarred tissue and stimulate the production of new collagen in the dermis

Pigmented lesions

Pigmented lesions are remarkably common. Fotona SP Dynamis is the perfect tool

Skin resurfacing

Skin resurfacing and rejuvenation can be performed either in ablative modes with Er:YAG laser or non ablatively with ND:YAG laser depending on the particular aesthetic outcome that the patient and Doctors want to achieve


SmoothEye is a non-ablative mode treatment for tightening of the periocular region. It gives immediate freshness, stimulate collagen with little to no downtime


LipLase is a treatment to achieve fuller, smoother lips. No needles and no downtime

Laser Lipolysis

Laser Lipolysis is a minimally invasive treatment to remove excess body fat in targeted area such as thighs, abdomen, arm, neck, and parts of the face

Permanent hair reduction

Permanent hair reduction as it targets hair follicles with a combination of selective and homogenous photothermolysis and is safe for all skin types

NightLase therapy

NightLase therapy is a patient-friendly laser treatment for increasing quality of a patient’s sleep, can decrease the amplitude of snoring by means of a gentle laser treament of the mucosal tissue

Fotona SP Dynamis

Things you should know before doing SP Dynamis Laser Treatment:

Fotona SP Dynamis

Our Case Studies

As you can see below, after 4 sessions of Fotona SP Dynamis Treatment,
they are so happy to achieve the skin they always desired.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Tight Sculpting
  2. Fotona 6D
  3. Fotona Acne
  4. Skin resurfacing 
  5. LipLase
  6. Laser Lipolysis
  7. Permanent hair reduction
  8. Vaginal Tightening
  9. Vaginal Rejuvenation
  1. Pregnant women.
  2. Patient that are sensitive to
  3. Patient with certain medications(Isotretinion or also known as Accutane).
  4. When your face is sunburnt. Need to wait at least 2 weeks.

IncontiLase® is the market name for treatment of Stress & Mixed Urinary Incontinence using the FotonaSmooth® laser.

Yes, however, this treatment is predominantly designed to treat women with mild & moderate stress and mixed urinary incontinence.

Yes, we can expect some degree of improvement in most cases, decreasing unwanted leakage and the use of pads, while complete dryness is reached in a much smaller percentage of cases compared to the dryness rates in patients with mild and moderate incontinence.

Yes, we can expect some degree of improvement in most cases and this may postpone the need for a surgical procedure. In many severe cases surgery is the only option.

This cannot be the case as the treatment results in only slight shrinkage of existing collagen and stimulation of the production of natural collagen, enabling regeneration to a pre-condition state.

Yes, they should consult their gynecologists and have a standard gynecological examination, including a pap-smear, prior to starting the treatment.

Yes, these should be explained by the performing physician. These include positive Pap-smear, vaginal infections or injuries and different other pathologies.

No, laser treatments should not be performed on pregnant women.

Your gynaecologist will advise, however, it is recommended that women wait between 6 months – 1 year after birth before taking the treatment

The treatment has no effect on pregnancy and delivery. After a vaginal delivery the treatment may have to be repeated.

Yes, menopausal women can have the treatment. In the case of severe dryness and irritation, it is recommended to first start with the RenovaLase® treatment, which has been specially developed to treat the symptoms of genitourinary syndrome of menopause. This can then be followed up with treatments for stress urinary incontinence or prolapse, if needed.

The treatments are recommended for adult women of all ages. The effectiveness of the treatment may be reduced with advanced age due to the decreased capacity of the body’s natural regeneration process, which is the mechanism behind the Fotona SMOOTH® procedures.

Although improvement of symptoms is usually noticed already a few days after the procedure, optimal results start to show one month to six weeks after the initial treatments, as the effects are due to the formation of new collagen in the treated tissue.

Two to three procedures with 4-6 week intervals are standardly performed and achieve optimal results. However, some patients may require additional treatments.

The results have been shown to be stable up to 18 months post-treatment. After this they start to slowly diminish. A maintenance treatment of one session per year is thus advised after the initial series of sessions to achieve lasting optimal results.

This is a walk in / walk out procedure, although women should abstain from lifting heavy objects and undertaking long periods of sustained exercise for a period of up to 14 days.

In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended that women should abstain from sexual intercourse for a period of between one to two weeks following the treatment.


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